We are providing nice information about kathiawad. kathiawad is place of gujarat state. kathiawad is combination of 7 district. when india was United with Pakistan and bangladesh at that time the Gujarat region had many parts like Saurastra,Kutchch, Gohilwad, Halar, Zalawad and other. Kathiawad had 7 districts which is Bhavnagar, Junagadh,Rajkot,Surendranagar, Porbandar, Amreli and Jamnagar. now botad,morabi and gir-gadhda also divided from bhavnagar,rajkot and junagadh.

There was very brave people living in Kathiawad. it had great stories and history of kathiawad. there was very historical places like junagadh,bhavnagar,rajkot. there was great kings like Veer Hamirji Gohil, Maharaja Krishnakumarji Gohil, Maharaja Bhagvathsinh ji and very brave heart/down to earth people like Jogidas khuman, Ram vala , Mangdavala , Veer Halaji Parmar and so many persons.

The first king who gave kingdom for United India,who is honorable Krishnakumarsinhji gohil . Maharaja Saheb gave their kingdom ( 1800 villages) to Sardar Vallabhbhai patel for United India. He is also belonged from Kathiawad. their kingdom is also known as gohilwad, which is small part of kathiawad.

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